2018 Show was a success

We are so happy to inform everyone that the 2018 Car Show was a massive success this year we hosted 30 plus cars at the Heritage Senior Center and raised over $1600. Just like 2017 we had rumors of rain but the cars held out until the clouds came in. We were very privileged to have some very rare cars at our show this year that do not always show up to other car shows. We had a 1909 Regal, 1927 Packard and a 1930 Stutz along with an amazing 1958 Jaguar Xk150 which was attended by Amelia Island in the past. We also had a kind owner of a 1987 Delorean allow a resident of the Heritage Senior Center sit in his car and the generous owners of the 1930 Stutz Bearcat gave some residents of the Heritage a ride in their car.  Thank you to all the people that attended this years show they really made the show a success and we hope for everyone to join us again next year.